“It’s Not the Years, It’s The Mileage”: An Indiana Jones Chronology, Part 4 — Fortune and Glory

Remarks in italics are not taken from explicitly-stated events in the canon material. They are my own speculations, logical inferences, gap-fillers, and extrapolations based on fragmentary references and passing mentions in the original sources.


Professor Henry Jones, Jr. of Barnett College, NY.

1934 — Abner Ravenwood dies in Nepal.[1] Marcus Brody returns as curator of the National Museum after three years working for the American Museum of Natural History.

Late Summer 1934 — A large-scale excavation Indy had been organizing for the Rub al Khali desert in Saudi Arabia has to be abandoned because Rene Belloq got to the site first.[1]

Fall 1934 — Indy begins his first year of teaching at Barnett College, located in upstate New York, and closely associated with the National Museum. Marcus Brody sits on the college’s Board of Regents.

December 1934 — Indy is hired by Caspar Zzyzx to recover a treasure map in the South Pacific island chain known as the Marquesas Islands. The map is recovered with some difficulty, and Indy’s colleague Dr. Lopez is killed by headhunters.[2]

January 5, 1935 — Aboard their chartered ship, the Julie Anne, Indy, Zzyzx, and the ship’s Shrinecovercaptain, Whitby, analyze the map and determine it leads to the “Shrine of the Sea Devil,” an underwater temple of major archaeological significance 1900 miles to their north. The Julie Anne heads there, while her crew plots mutiny. They believe the shrine to be filled with pearls, and the first mate, Turps, has a score to settle with Indy.[2]

January 11, 1935 — While Indy is diving below the surface, the crew takes over the ship. Indy finds the shrine, but in the process, awakens a giant octopus, which causes catastrophic damage to the Julie Anne, killing the mutinous crew. (Zzyzx and Whitby escape on a dinghy.) Turps, the last surviving crew member, attempts to fight off the giant octopus with hand grenades, but only succeeds in destroying the ship once and for all. Clinging to the wreckage, Indy is rescued by Amelia Earhart, who is making her historic solo Hawaii-to-California flight.[2]

April 1935 — On an expedition in Ceylon, Indy has a run-in with a Nazi SS colonel called Albrecht von Beck, and recovers an artifact known as the Heart of Koru Watu.[3]

Late April, 1935 — Indy is visited at Barnett College by two Chinese officials, Kai Ti Chan and his female assistant Mei Ying. They commission him to find the massive black pearl known as the “Heart of the Dragon,” located in the tomb of the first Chinese emperor. (Indy had been inside the tomb before — very briefly — in the spring of 1934.) The Heart is said to have immense power, and the Chinese government is worried it will be found by dangerous people. To navigate the tomb’s treacherous paths, Indy will need to assemble the “Mirror of Dreams,” the first piece of which is to be found inside the artifact he had just brought back from Ceylon.[3]


May 1935 — Indy travels to Prague Castle in Czechoslovakia to recover the second piece of the Mirror, and goes on to Istanbul for the third (outwitting von Beck and his Nazis at every turn.) Mei Ying approaches him in Istanbul, and informs him that Kai is a Triad crime lord in league with the Nazis. Indy and Mei Ying travel to Hong Kong to rendezvous with Indy’s associate Wu Han and infiltrate Kai’s stronghold. Before they can act, Mei Ying is abducted by von Beck and taken by submarine to Kai’s private East China Sea island. Indy and Wu Han tail them there on a junk, and overhear Kai and von Beck agree that Hitler can have the Heart once Kai has used it to take over China. Leaving Wu Han behind, Indy makes a dangerous trip through the bowels of Kai’s fortress, picking up an ancient weapon known as Pa Cheng (“Dragon’s Claw”). He frees Mei Ying, collects Wu Han, and the trio flees back to Shanghai. Indy and Mei Ying continue on the the tomb’s location near Xian. Using the Black Mirror, they navigate most of the way to the center of the massive tomb’s interior, but become separated. In a final attempt to kill Indy, von Beck appears driving a drilling machine straight at him. Vo Beck loses control and goes over the edge of a chasm and vanishes for good. Indy finally gets to the Heart, but the power it unleashes causes him to drop it. Kai shows up and is able to briefly harness the power, summoning a some of the emperor’s terra-cotta soldiers, and a massive dragon. With the help of Mei Ying and the Pa Cheng, Indy manages to turn the power of the Heart against Kai and destroy him.[3]

Late May 1935 — After abandoning the search for the Peacock’s Eye diamond back in 1919, Indy is offered the chance to finally possess it. In exchange for Indy recovering the cremated remains of Chinese emperor Nurhachi, Chinese millionaire (and organized crime boss) Lao Che will give him the diamond in payment.[4] Indy does not seem to be in any great hurry to get started, lingering in Hong Kong with Mei Ying before heading back to Shanghai.[3]

Early June 1935 — Indy and Wu Han recover the ashes of Nurhachi in an adventure that goes unrecorded. Indy also befriends a young Shanghai orphan boy, Short Round. Short Round, somewhere between 10 and 12 years old (no one is really sure) had attempted to pick his pocket, but Indy quickly became fond of him and promised to get him to the U.S.[5]

June 14, 1935 — On high alert, Indy goes to his pre-arranged meeting with Lao Che in aMV5BMTczMDM0NjY1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMwNDczMw@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,669,1000_AL_ Shanghai nightclub. Wu Han is already there, disguised as a waiter. One of Lao’s sons, Kao, had attempted to steal the ashes the night before, and got a maimed hand for his efforts. The nightclub’s singer (and Lao’s mistress) Willie Scott joins them at the table. In a tense confrontation, Lao finally turns over the diamond when faced with Wu Han’s pistol — but he has poisoned Indy’s drink. Chaos erupts in the nightclub as Wu Han is shot and killed by Lao’s other son, Chen. Kao opens up with a submachine gun. The diamond is lost in the confusion, but Indy knows that Willie has the antidote to the poison. He grabs her and jumps out the window, their fall broken by several awnings. They land in a car driven Short Round, who gets them to the Shanghai airport after a brief street chase. They arrange transport on a Ford Tri-motor freight plane, unaware that the freight company is owned by Lao Che.[6]

indiana_jones_and_the_temple_of_doom_poster_by_leonrock84-d9mlnklJune 15, 1935 — The freight plane pilots, on orders from Lao Che, dump the plane’s fuel and bail out. Indy attempts to use his limited piloting skills, but when he discovers the fuel situation, realizes they must bail out, too — with no parachutes. They use an inflatable raft to slow their fall when they bail out at low altitude. They ride the raft down the snowy foothills of the Himalayas, and end up in a river passing an impoverished village in northern India. The village began suffering from extreme drought when its protective “Sankara stone” was stolen from its shrine — along with all the village children. The village’s holy man asks Indy (who he believes was sent from the sky by Shiva) to go to nearby Pankot Palace (believed by most to be abandoned) and retrieve the stone and the children.[6]

June 16, 1935 — Feeling obligated to help the people of the village, Indy, Willie and Short Round ride on elephants toward Pankot Palace.[6]

June 17, 1935 — After a day-and-a-half’s ride, the party arrives at Pankot Palace, which is not abandoned — in fact, it has been restored and seems to be thriving. It is presided over by a child maharajah, and his prime minister, Chatter Lal. At a banquet later that evening, Indy begins asking uncomfortable questions — Pankot was once at the center of an area terrorized by the bloodthirsty Thuggee cult. The maharajah and Lal deny that the Thuggee have been revived, and Lal brings up Indy’s own less-than-stellar reputation as a grave-robber, making a point that rumors can be damaging. Indy is also curious about the food at the banquet — a bizarre meat-based menu (eels, beetles, monkey brains) that no true Hindu would ever touch. Indy’s suspicions are further aroused when he is attacked in his room later that night. After dispatching his assailant, Indy discovers a secret door that leads to a massive underground temple. Indy, Willie, and Short Round observe a Thuggee human sacrifice ritual presided over by the high priest of Kali, Mola Ram. After the ceremony is over and the worshippers have exited, Indy attempts to get the three Sankara stones that are on the altar, but is captured along with his two companions.[5,6]


Indy, Willie Scott, and Short Round, 1935

June 18, 1935 — Short Round is put to work in with the abducted village children in the mines below the temple, digging for the two remaining Sankara stones. Indy is forced to drink a hallucinogenic brew that induces the “black sleep of Kali” and putting him into a zombie-like trance. Willie is set to be the next sacrifice. Short Round escapes the mines and awakens Indy from his trance by burning him with a torch. Indy grabs the three stones, rescues Willie, frees the children, and the three escape via a fast-running mine cart. Mola Ram orders all the mine tunnels flooded. Indy and company barely avoid the deluge, make it out a tunnel exit, and clamber up a cliffside to a rope bridge over a deep river gorge. They are quickly surrounded by Mola Ram and his Thuggees. Indy cuts through the bridge supports, the bridge snaps in two and slams into the cliff wall. Most of the Thuggees are dispatched, but Indy must still defeat Mola Ram as they dangle over the river. Mola Ram is ultimately sent plunging to his death, and Indy manages to save one of the stones from following him into the river. The British Army arrive to provide assistance.[6]

June 20, 1935 — Indy, Willie, Short Round, and the children return to the village.[6]

Late June, 1935 — Willie and Short Round return to the U.S. [7].

July – August, 1935 — Remaining in India, Indy’s curiosity is piqued when he finds some map fragments leading to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, a Bengalese temple buried under silt in a flood of the “Lost Delta” 2000 years ago. The map proves accurate, and Indy begins a large-scale excavation immediately. He brings in Sallah as a consultant and partner. Word soon leaks out that the temple offers all visitors either earthly riches, eternal youth, or visions of the future. The site is flooded with curiosity seekers…and is also running out of funding. Sallah decides to monetize the situation by offering motorized tours of the dig site for a fee. In the meantime, Indy had gone missing for a week, deep within the temple searching for the source of the temple’s power. He returned to the surface not long after rescuing one of the tour groups that had gone astray. The massive dig and profitable tours continued under Sallah’s supervision for an unknown time after Indy returns to the U.S.[8]

TombOfTheGods_TPB_finalMay 23, 1936 — Archaeologist Henrik Mellberg sends a letter requesting the assistance of Indy on a matter of grave importance. Five years earlier, Mellberg and two associates, Francis Beresford-Hope and Marwell O’Brien, discovered the key to the “Tomb of the Gods” in a remote Russian village north of the Arctic Circle. They divide the key into three pieces and each man takes one for safekeeping. O’Brien’s portion of the key has recently fallen into the hands of the Nazis (specifically, the “Ahnenerbe” — the “ancestral heritage” branch of the SS, supervised by Friedrich von Hassell). When Indy arrives at Mellberg’s Manhattan apartment, he finds the Nazis are already interrogating him. Mellberg is fatally shot as they make their escape, and his portion of the key ends up in the hands of mercenary treasure hunter Janice Le Roi. Indy and Marcus Brody agree that the third piece must be recovered as soon as possible.[9]

June 6, 1936 — Indy and Brody arrive in Lhasa, Tibet, the last known location of Beresford-Hope.[9]

June 10, 1936 — Beresford-Hope had died alcoholic and insane in a cave in Tibet, but Indy and Brody discover his son son, Alex, who is initially suspicious, fearing they may be Nazi agents. They escape an attack by Tibetan bandits with the help of pilot Jock Lindsey.[9]

June 12, 1936 — Indy, Brody, and Alex Beresford-Hope arrive in Shanghai. Alex turns over his father’s piece of the key, which has a map that can guide them to the tomb’s location in remote Siberia. Brody and Indy argue over what to do next, with Brody all for dynamiting the tomb to prevent whatever’s inside from getting released, and Indy driven by his curiosity to discover whatever’s inside actually is. Indy’s view wins out, and he and Alex plan to continue to without Brody.[9]

Mid-June, 1936 — After their ship stops in Japan, the final piece is taken from Indy by von Hassell and Le Roi. Von Hassell turns on Le Roi as well, cutting her arm to attract sharks, and setting her and Indy adrift in an oarless boat in the icy North Pacific, and keeping Alex as a hostage. They are rescued by a whaling ship who spotted the signal fire they had made out of articles of their clothing. Marcus Brody was also aboard the ship, trailing them in case he was needed. Grateful for Indy saving her life, Le Roi draws a map from what she remembers on the two key fragments.[9]

June 25-26, 1936 — The whaling ship arrives in Siberia in the vicinity of the Tomb. They race Von Hassell’s Ahnenerbe team on dogsleds, both sides tumbling into a crevasse opened by a lightning strike. After wandering through the caverns for some time, Indy and Le Roi find that von Hassell has discovered the door to the Tomb, and pressures Alex to open it. Alex refuses, and is immediately killed by von Hassell. Brody is ordered to open the door next, but suddenly three of Von Hassell’s men are possessed by the spirits of the tomb, and open fire with their machine guns. Indy overpowers the men and rescues Brody. Impatient, von Hassell opens the door himself. Inside is a vault with a seemingly bottomless pit. Unsure what monstrosity could or would emerge from that pit, Indy comes around to Brody’s viewpoint. He shoves von Hassell into the pit, lights some dynamite, and seals the door.[9]


August 1936 — With a crew of two Peruvian mercenary “guides,” Satipo and Barranca, and five native Quechua Indian bearers, Indy searches for a hidden temple in the jungles of Peru, where he hopes to find the golden Idol of the Chachapoyans. They are making their way through territory belonging to a tribe of hostile warriors, the Hovitos. Indy has half of a map, Satipo and Barranca the other. As they get closer to the temple, they are abandoned by their superstitious native bearers. Barranca attempts to take Indy’s half of the map, but is dealt with by bullwhip and flees into the jungle. Satipo meekly agrees to continue. They are following in the footsteps of another archaeologist (“a competitor” as Indy describes him), Forrestal, who never returned. Indy and Satipo enter the temple and quickly discover the decayed corpse of Forrestal, speared by one of the temple’s many security traps. They continue on, skirting the temple’s traps, until they come to the final room. Indy attempts to remove the idol without triggering anything, but fails, and the pair flee for their lives as a massive boulder is released to crush them. Satipo — afterattempting to take the idol for himself — is killed by the same trap that got Forrestal. Indy recovers the idol and exits the temple just as the massive boulder seals it shut. He is immediately confronted by a group of Hovitos, brandishing the body of Barranca, and holding Indy at spearpoint. They are in the service of Rene Belloq, who promptly takes the idol from Indy. Indy runs for his chartered seaplane, piloted by Jock Stewart, narrowly escaping the Hovitos’ spears and blow-darts. He gets out alive, but empty-handed.[10,1]


Rene Belloq

September 14, 1936 — While teaching one of his first classes of the fall semester, Indy is approached by Marcus Brody, who himself has been approached by two Army Intelligence officers, Col. Musgrove and Maj. Eaton, who are looking for Indy. They have intercepted a Nazi telegram mentioning Indy’s old mentor Abner Ravenwood, an archaeological dig at Tanis, Egypt, and the “Staff of Ra.” Indy speculates the Nazis are after the lost Ark of the Covenant, the key to which is the Staff of Ra and a map room at Tanis. Indy believes Ravenwood, living in Asia for the last several years, has the headpiece to the Staff of Ra. Later that evening, the U.S. government informs Indy that they will commission him to find the headpiece before the Nazis get to it.[10]

September 15, 1936 — Indy flies from New York to San Francisco on a DC-3.[10]

September 16-22, 1936 — Boarding a Pan-American flying boat, Indy travels from San Francisco to Nepal, Ravenwood’s last known location. Since regular trans-Pacific service did not begin until October, it is assumed that the government got Indy aboard some kind of preview flight, and that Toht (see below) had diplomatic credentials that also got him aboard (the U.S. was still years away from war with Germany.)  [10]

NOTE: When Indy crosses and re-crosses the International Date Line in a relatively short period of time, as he does in Raiders, the dates are based on a fixed U.S. calendar and may not reflect the local date.

September 23, 1936 — In the early morning hours, Indy finds Ravenwood’s daughter Marion operating a bar in a Nepalese village. After an initial angry confrontation over their past, Marion tells Indy that Ravenwood is dead, but she knows where the headpiece is. She agrees to give it to him the next day for a cash payment. After he leaves, she reveals she has been wearing it as a medallion. When the bar is empty, Maj. Arnold Toht, of the Nazi’s secret police (Gestapo) and several henchmen attempt to take the headpiece by force. Indy returns to save Marion, and a gunfight breaks out. A fire starts to burn out of control, and the headpiece is dropped into the flames. Toht attempts to grab it, but it burns his hand, and he flees. The remaining henchmen are killed, but the bar is burned to the ground. In the absence of any other options, Indy agrees to allow Marion to accompany him as his partner.[10]


Marion Ravenwood and the Staff of Ra headpiece, Nepal, 1936

September 23-24, 1936 — Indy and Marion fly from Nepal to Cairo, Egypt.[10]

September 25, 1936 — After arriving in Cairo, Indy meets with Sallah at his home. Sallah informs Indy that the map room at Tanis (several miles outside Cairo) has been discovered, and that the Nazi’s lead archaeologist on the project is Rene Belloq.[10]

RaidersteaserSeptember 26, 1936 — Arranging to have the mysterious inscriptions (which baffle even Indy) on the headpiece translated by a local holy man later that evening, Indy and Marion explore the city. The outing ends badly, as Marion is abducted and presumed killed in a truck explosion after a chase, and Indy survives an assassination attempt by a master swordsman. Depressed and drinking in a cafe, Indy has an encounter with Belloq, who points out that they are not that different. Both men have fallen from the “true faith” of academic scholarship. (Indy is much more of a scholar than Belloq, but has been known to use questionable methods leading to multiple accusations of grave-robbing, and is driven by profit as much as knowledge, at least up until now.) He is led away by Sallah’s children before the confrontation can escalate, and continues the mission at hand by meeting with Sallah and the holy man, who says the headpiece gives instructions on how to use the Staff of Ra to pinpoint the Ark’s location on the map room’s map. They determine that, for some reason, the Nazis are digging in the wrong place. (It turns out they are working from a one-sided copy of the headpiece — burned into the flesh of Toht’s hand.)[10]

September 27-28, 1936 — With the help of Sallah and his team of diggers, Indy sneaks into the map room and discovers the true location of the Ark. He also discovers Marion is still alive and being held by the Nazis. Indy and Sallah’s diggers begin surreptitiously digging in the correct spot. They work deep into the night and early morning, and finally uncover the Well of the Souls — the hidden location of the lost Ark. As Indy and Sallah are attempting to remove the Ark, they are discovered by Belloq and the Nazis. Sallah and the Ark are pulled out, but Indy is sealed inside, along with Marion and the thousands of snakes that call the Well home.[10]



September 28, 1936 — Indy and Marion manage to escape, and Indy destroys the plane that was to carry the Ark out of Egypt. When the Ark is transferred to a truck, Indy runs it down on horseback and hijacks it, getting grazed in the shoulder by a bullet in the process. Sallah (who has given the Nazis the slip) arranges safe passage for Indy, Marion, and the Ark on the tramp steamer Bantu Wind, operated by Captain Katanga.[10]

September 29, 1936 — In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Bantu Wind is boarded by the crew of a Nazi sub, who take the Ark and Marion. Indy manages to hide, then swims to the sub, where he lashes himself to the periscope with his whip. Luckily for Indy, the sub stays at periscope depth as it makes the all-day and overnight trip to a small island in the Aegean Sea.[10]


September 30, 1936 — After slipping away from the Nazi sub pen when they dock at the island (presumably incredibly dehydrated and borderline hypothermic), Indy trails Belloq, Marion, the Ark, and their Nazi entourage to an area planned for a ceremonial Ark-opening in a small natural amphitheater. Indy is captured, and tied to a pole with Marion on the edge of the amphitheater. The Ark is opened, unleashing a torrent of supernatural power, killing all who look upon it, including Belloq and Toht. Indy and Marion, eyes firmly shut, survive the ordeal.[10]


Marcus Brody

October 7, 1936 — In a meeting with Army Intelligence in Washington, D.C., Indy is furious to discover that the Ark will not be turned over the Brody’s National Museum, but will be kept by the U.S. government for further study by “top men.” The Ark is crated and put into storage.[10]

October 12, 1936 — Indy is back in the classroom to finish out the fall semester, and re-kindles a romantic relationship with Marion Ravenwood.

Summer 1937 — Indy spends his summer break working in India. He purchases a rare artifact from a woman in New Delhi (who is paying off her husband’s gambling debts), but is forced to flee for his life when her husband arrives and assumes Indy is his wife’s lover.[11]

Late September 1937 — A Barnett College colleague, Dr. Francisca Uribe del Arco, has been sent a fragment of an Incan artifact previously thought to exist only in legend.[11]

October 1937 — Indy and Francisca arrange a sabbatical and head for Buenos Aires to get IndianaJonesAndTheArmsOfGold1more information from her brother Felipe, who sent the artifact — a finger from the golden body armor of Incan royalty — “the Arms of Cuzco.” When they arrive (after being attacked several times by assailants after the armor fragment), they discover Felipe has gone missing in the Andes in search of the rest of the Arms. With a copy of the ancient map being used by Felipe, Indy and Fran set out in pursuit — only to be stopped on the dockside by Incan “warriors of the sun” in full ceremonial costume, demanding the map copy. Indy eats the map, causing the furious warriors to knock them into the water. As a result of the confrontation, Indy and Fran miss the ship to Peru, forcing them to take a dangerous air mail plane, which crashes short of its destination. Indy and Fran are taken prisoner by a group of the same warriors who attacked them in Buenos Aires. They are taken to the warriors’ leader, who turns out to be Felipe. The artifact was a decoy devised by him and Fran to lure Indy into a trap. The siblings believe Indy, as a grad student, stole credit for a discovery made by their father [see December 1922 entry in Part 2] and have sworn revenge. Indy is stripped of his clothes, buried up to his neck on an icy Andean mountain top, and left for dead. Although Felipe’s plan was partly a ruse, he does believe in the Arms of Cuzco, and plans to use his map to lead him to the treasure that will allow him to set himself up as a new Incan emperor. Indy escapes from his burial, and using his knowledge of the map, takes several days to track Felipe and Fran to the burial chamber containing the Arms of Cuzco. A timely earthquake allows Indy and Fran (who has grown to believe Indy is telling the truth about what happened with her father) to escape, and Felipe and his warriors are killed in the collapsing rubble.[11]

December 1937 — Indy and Marion’s post-Ark relationship has been stormy. He cancels their wedding and breaks off contact, citing the the fact that he would make a poor husband due to his lengthy absences (as evidenced by his recent disappearance to South America with another woman — a professional colleague who spent most of the trip despising him, but it was still a poor choice.[11]) Indy later refers to the whole post-Ark year as “hell.” Marion finds out shortly after the split that she is pregnant with Indy’s child, and decides against sharing this information with Indy. Out of loyalty to Marion, Harold Oxley ends his friendship with Indy.[12]


Dr. Henry Jones, Sr., Professor of Medieval Literature, Princeton University (ret.), 1938

Early 1938 — One of wealthy industrialist Walter Donovan’s copper mining operations in Turkey uncovers an important clue to the location of the Holy Grail. Retired professor Henry Jones, Sr. is commissioned by Donovan to lead a project to discover the Grail.[13]

Late May – Early June, 1938 — Tipped off by a jealous husband whose wife was having an affair with the man known as “Panama Hat,” Indy travels to Lisbon, Portugal to recover the Cross of Coronado, which he had been forced to turn over to Panama Hat in Utah as a child in 1912. He slips aboard Panama’s cargo ship and takes the cross, but is captured as the ship weathers a storm off the Portuguese coast. A rogue wave knocks one of the ship’s smokestacks into its cargo of TNT. The ship explodes, and Indy dives overboard.[13,14]  

He is rescued by a salvage ship (actually running guns for the ongoing Spanish Civil War.)[15]

June 15, 1938 — After teaching what appears to be the first morning of a summer introductory course in archaeology at Barnett College, Indy discovers a mysterious package has been sent to him care of the university. As he walks across campus, Indy is picked up by a car and driven down to Manhattan. He makes the roughly four-hour drive from Barnett to Manhattan and arrives at a late-afternoon cocktail party hosted by Walter Donovan, who tells Indy about his project to discover the Holy Grail. A significant clue had just turned up in Venice, Italy, and the project leader — Indy’s father — has gone missing. Indy agrees to assist Donovan, if only to find his father. Indy and Brody drive to his father’s house in Ferndale, New York, and discover it has been ransacked and the mail opened. Indy opens the package that had been sent to him discovers it his father’s “Grail diary,” a compendium of forty years’ worth of research. [13]

June 16, 1938 Knowing his father would only part with the diary under extreme duress, Indy and Brody leave early in the morning and make the flight to Venice. [13]


June 17, 1938 — Indy and Brody arrive Venice, where they meet Henry’s Austrian colleague, Dr. Elsa Schneider. In the rat-infested catacombs beneath the library where Henry was last seen, Indy and Elsa discover the tomb of a First Crusade knight, which contains an inscription that is key to the location of the Grail. They flee, however, when the catacombs are set aflame by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society that protects the Grail from those who would seek to profit from it. Indy and Elsa capture one of the Brotherhood, Kazim, and Indy tells him that his goal is only to find his father and that he has no interest in finding the Grail. Kazim tells him that Henry, Sr. is being held by the Nazis in Castle Brunwald on the Austrian-German border. Brody later reveals a map drawn by Henry of the route to the Grail — the only thing missing was its starting point.[13]

The starting location was revealed by the inscription that they had just found — the 143b5c6f0a36b0521178aef1caf05ac0ancient pilgrim city of Alexandretta, which is now Iskenderun in Hatay (a semi-autonomous region in French Syria).[16]

June 18, 1938 —  Indy removes the pages containing the map from the diary, and gives it to Brody for safekeeping. Brody leaves for Iskenderun to meet up with Sallah. Indy and Elsa leave Venice and travel by car to Austria to find Henry, Sr. [13]

June 19, 1938 — At Castle Brunwald, north of Salzburg, Indy finds Henry, Sr. being held captive in an isolated room. This good news is offset by the discovery that Elsa and Donovan are actually working with the Nazis, and are using Henry, Sr. to find the Grail for them.[13]

June 20, 1938 — The Joneses escape from Castle Brunwald. Henry, Sr. tells Indy that to reach the Grail, one must face three booby traps and his diary contains the clues to guide them through the challenges safely. They travel by motorcycle to Berlin, where they arrive in time for a late night book-burning rally. The recover the diary from Elsa, and head for the airport. Meanwhile, Brody is captured by the Nazis shortly after arriving in Iskenderun and meeting Sallah.[13]

June 21, 1938 — Indy books passage on the first zeppelin out of Berlin, not caring where it’s going. The Nazis soon discover the Joneses are aboard, and they are forced to escape in the zeppelin’s attached biplane. Indy, still having no idea how to land a plane, manages a relatively smooth crash-landing after engaging in a dogfight with Luftwaffe fighters. The crash site is unspecified, but appears to be southern Spain.[13,17]

June 21-24, 1938 — Indy and Henry, Sr. make their way from the crash site to southern Turkey. Donovan and the Nazis prepare for a major expedition. Donovan makes a deal with the sultan of Hatay for equipment and  permission to access the Holy Grail burial site, based on the map pages Brody has.[13]

June 25, 1938 — Sallah meets up with Indy and Henry, Sr. as they enter Iskenderun. They follow the Nazi expedition, who are still holding Brody hostage. The expedition is ambushed by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword. During the battle, Henry, Sr. is captured by SS Col. Vogel while attempting to rescue Brody from their tank; Kazim and his comrades are killed. The younger Jones pursues the tank on horseback and, with the aid of Sallah, saves Henry, Sr. and Brody. He is then caught up in a fight with Vogel, and barely escapes before the tank goes over a cliff, killing Vogel.

indyIndy, Henry, Marcus, and Sallah catch up with the surviving Nazis, led by Donovan and Elsa, who have found the temple where the Grail is kept but are unable to pass through the three protective booby traps. Donovan shoots Henry, Sr. in the stomach in order to force Indy to risk his life to find the Grail and use its healing power to save Henry, Sr. Using the information in the diary and followed by Donovan and Elsa, Indy safely overcomes the traps and reaches the Grail’s chamber, which is guarded by a knight. He has been kept alive for seven hundred years by the power of the Grail, which is hidden among dozens of false Grails; only the true Grail brings life, while a false one claims it. Elsa purposefully selects the wrong grail — a gilded cup encrusted with jewels — for Donovan, who ages into dust after drinking from it. Indy selects the true Grail, a simple wooden cup, which can heal and give eternal life — but not outside the temple. Indy fills the Grail with water and takes it to Henry, Sr. The water from the cup heals him instantly. Elsa takes the Grail and attempts to leave with it. The temple begins to collapse and Elsa falls to her death trying to recover the Grail from a crevasse. Indy nearly suffers the same fate but Henry, Sr. persuades him to let it go. The Joneses, Marcus, and Sallah escape the temple and ride off into the sunset.[13]

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark novelization. Some sources say Abner died earlier in 1936, but I get the impression that Marion has been on her own at that bar for quite awhile.

2. Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil. Earhart’s flight lines up with this date.

3. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (junior novelization by Suzanne Weyn published in 2008).

5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom novelization. Short Round’s age is an issue. It is stated he was orphaned at the age of four during the Japanese attack on Shanghai, which took place in 1932, placing his birth in late 1927 or 1928 and making him only seven during the events of Temple of Doom. He is visibly older than that. The most logical answer is that he has no idea how old he was when he was orphaned (he was probably more like seven or eight) and has just been telling people “four.”

6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Specific dates suggested by “The Diaries of Indiana Jones” (see notes on Raiders, #10 below).

7. The fate of Willie Scott and Short Round is mostly unrecorded by future canon. Short Round makes a very brief appearance in the Marvel Comics Further Adventures series, set just a year later. (He is a boarding school student and says that school is “no fun.”) An unauthorized Spanish book, Indiana Jones: Biografia, states that Short Round was adopted by a wealthy New York couple who were friends of Willie Scott, and followed in Indy’s footsteps by studying archaeology at the University of Chicago. A note from Short Round to Indy, dated September 15, 1957 and published in The Lost Journal indicates Short Round has taken up the search for the Peacock’s Eye, and was close to finding it in Hawaii.

8. Indiana Jones Adventure (“Temple of the Forbidden Eye”), Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.

9. Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods. A recreation of Indy’s passport is the inside cover illustration, providing the specific dates.

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Specific dates suggested by “The Diaries of Indiana Jones,” an interactive feature of the official Indiana Jones Facebook page and Twitter feed (since removed.) There were many variations about when Raiders took place within 1936. The Ultimate Guide places it in April, The Lost Journal places it in late July-early August. “The Diaries” are the most recent Lucasfilm-approved source (2012), and the dates fit well both logically (would Indy be teaching in late July?) and with other sources (Tomb of the Gods, etc.)

11. Indiana Jones and Arms of Gold

12. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull novelization

13. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Specific dates suggested by “The Diaries of Indiana Jones.”

14. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade novelization

15. Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates

16. Hatay is now a region of southern Turkey.

17. The sequence was filmed in near Almeria, Spain.

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