“It’s Not the Years, It’s the Mileage”: An Indiana Jones Chronology, Part 3 — The Young Archaeologist

Remarks in italics are not taken from explicitly-stated events in the canon material. They are my own speculations, logical inferences, gap-fillers, and extrapolations based on fragmentary references and passing mentions in the original sources.

June 1925 — The newly-minted “Professor Jones” gets his first job after graduating — teaching a summer course on Britain’s megalithic monuments at the University of London. 

He discovers he has a brilliant but difficult student, Deirdre Campbell, who is the daughter of his department head, Dr. Joanna Campbell.[1]

IndianaJonesAndTheDanceOfTheGiantsMid-August, 1925 — At the conclusion of his summer course, Indy is invited by Dr. Campbell to join her and Deirdre on an excavation of St. Ninian’s Cave on the southwest coast of Scotland to look for a golden scroll that proves the legend of Merlin the wizard had basis in historical fact. After a series of violent run-ins with unknown assailants, Indy, with the help of Deirdre and Jack Shannon, gradually uncovers a plot by a modern day druidic cult, the Hyperboreans. The leader of the Hyperboreans, Albert Powell (wealthy member of Parliament and, it turns out, Deirdre’s half-brother) plans on using the scroll in a ceremony to unleash the power of the Omphalos, which he recently arranged to have stolen from the museum in Chicago. The scroll is not at St. Ninian’s Cave, but they find a clue as to where it actually is — in an old convent near Stonehenge. Powell heads out to recover it, leaving Indy, Shannon, and the Campbells to die in the cave he has filled with toxic gas. Three of them escape, but Joanna Campbell succumbs. They actually find the scroll in the convent ahead of Powell, but are captured by him not long after, and discover that the midnight ceremony Powell is planning includes a human sacrifice in the form of Deirdre. It turns out the Omphalos that Powell stole is a replica, and the ceremony fails. Powell perishes by falling into a massive bonfire.

Under the pressure of these few weeks, Indy and Deirdre find themselves in a passionate romance.

In Scotland, Indy is presented by the townspeople with a Webley .455 revolver. In freeing Deirdre from the cult ceremony, Indy makes his first peacetime self-defense kill with the Webley, and it “sickens” him, but from this point on, he rarely ventures out on his expeditions without a handgun.[1]

Fall 1925 — Indy begins teaching full-time at University of London, mostly courses in Celtic archaeology. He admits it’s not his favorite area, and he struggles with the Celtic language despite his facility with other languages. (Perhaps it’s all too closely associated with his father’s Holy Grail obsession.) He spends his off hours rambling around the English countryside, for which he develops a deep affection.[2] It is around this time, in the New Forest, that Indy meets Gale Parker, an academic and adventurer, basically a female version of himself (except she can fly a plane.)[3]

January 1926 — Indy finds out he is not scheduled to teach any classes for the upcoming semester, but will instead assist on a major University of London expedition to Tikal, Guatemala.[4]

February 21, 1926 — Under the leadership of the new head of the archaeology department, Dr. Victor Bernard, the expedition begins moving from the coast to the Guatemalan interior. Deirdre Campbell, whose relationship with Indy has cooled in the aftermath of the previous summer, is also on the expedition.[4]

March 7, 1926 — After some exciting initial discoveries in a Mayan pyramid, the expedition is disrupted by graverobbers, and they are lucky to escape alive.[4]

March 8-14, 1926 — Indy receives treatment for a gunshot wound suffered in the robbery attempt (it wouldn’t be his last), and the failed expedition makes its way back to New York via train.[4]

Mid-March, 1926 — Indy, arm still in a sling, attends the opening night of Marcus Brody’s highly controversial National Museum exhibition displaying evidence that ancient Old World civilizations had been to the Americas long before Columbus. Brody shows Indy several pages from a journal written by his old friend, noted explorer Jack Fawcett, who has gone missing in the midst of searching for a lost city, Ceiba (popularly known as “El Dorado”), deep in the Amazon jungle. Fawcett believed it was inhabited by fair-skinned people of Celtic origin. Indy and Deirdre decide to go in search of Fawcett.[4]

Late March, 1926 — On the eight-day ocean voyage that takes them to Brazil, Indy and Deirdre rekindle their romance. As the ship arrives in the bay at Rio de Janeiro, Indy and Deirdre are married by the ship’s captain.

Various clues and encounters with practitioners of the mysterious Candomble religion indicate that Fawcett is being held captive as “breeding stock” in the lost city of Ceiba. The inhabitants of the city have the ability to “veil” — to become like shadows, effectively invisible. High-ranking members of their society (which does appear to have Celtic origins) also have the ability to veil the city itself from outsiders.[4]

Early April, 1926 — After days of traveling by seaplane and on foot deep into the Amazon IndianaJonesAndTheSevenVeilsjungle, Indy and Deidre are taken captive by Ceiba’s inhabitants. The veiling causes everyone in Ceiba to exist in a semi-dream state. While their fate is being decided in shared dream with the Ceiban High Council, their physical bodies are busy escaping, plunging off a cliff into the river below. Pursued by the Ceibans, Indy, Deidre, and Fawcett make it back to the lake with the plane. After taking off, they discover the fuel tanks have been drained by a hostile tribe, the Morcegos — the plane plunges into the jungle, killing Fawcett and Deirdre. Indy is rescued from the jungle after several days, suffering from multiple injuries and typhus. He has no memory of his time in Ceiba or the crash that killed his wife of only a few weeks.[4]

Summer 1926 — Indy is still grieving for Deirdre. At some point during time away from his university duties, he examines the work of the ancient American Mound Builders along the Missouri River.[5]

He also pays an extended visit to his old mentor, Abner Ravenwood in Chicago, perhaps assisting Abner in his work. During one of their discussions, Abner cautions Indy that in the overlapping areas of mythology, occult, and archaeology that they both specialize in, it is important to remain skeptical and rational in front others, no matter what one may witness with his own eyes. Under the circumstances, Indy is grateful to have to distraction of working with Abner, and basks in the hero worship Abner’s teenage daughter, Marion, lavishes on him. In a complete lapse of judgement, Indy seduces Marion. Abner finds out, and this leads to a permanent break in their friendship.[6]

January 1927 — Indy travels to a conference in Dublin to present a paper on Celtic influences in New England.[7]

May 1927 — Depressed over recent events, and still feeling that Celtic archaeology is a bad fit for him, Indy resigns from the University of London and returns to Chicago to investigate possible employment at his alma mater. He finds his old friend Jack Shannon running a jazz club, and reluctantly involved in the organized crime that comes with the territory.[8]

IndianaJonesAndTheGenesisDelugeJune 1927 — Jack Shannon, due to the pressures of his new lifestyle, has found religion and invites Indy to his church to hear a lecturer, Dr. Zobolotsky, who claims to have discovered Noah’s Ark, and is still in possession of a small piece of it. After the job possibility at the University of Chicago falls through, Indy finds himself agreeing to join Zobolotsky and his daughter Katrina on an expedition to Mount Ararat in Turkey to document the existence of the Ark. After Shannon’s brothers are murdered in a mob hit, he decides to go on the expedition as well.[7]

June 21, 1927 — Indy and Shannon leave Chicago by train to join the Zobolotsky expedition. They are trailed the whole time by Bolshevik agents, who feel that proving the Ark’s existence would undermine the anti-religion Bolshevik government.[7]

Early July, 1927 — The expedition arrives in Istanbul and heads for and heads for Mount Ararat.[7]

Mid-July, 1927 — Partway up the mountain, the two tailing Bolsheviks shoot and kill Zobolotsky, and are themselves killed by the local Kurds. Indy, Shannon, and Katrina continue up the mountain, and find the Ark — and a bunch of Janissaries, a fanatical Turkish religious group who believe finding the Ark will trigger the apocalypse. Gunfire ensues, causing an avalanche which buries the Janissaries and the Ark, probably forever. [7]

August 1927 — Shannon and Katrina become engaged and head off to California. Indy is hired by a small, unnamed college in New England.[7]

Early June 1928 — Indy has just spent a satisfying year teaching at his new college, where 51UFc1HLisL._SX300_BO1,204,203,200_his wide-ranging archaeology curriculum is not tied to any place or era. He declines an invitation from Marcus Brody to attend a symposium in Rome, and instead plans on spending a relaxing summer in his old haunt, the Four Corners area of the southwestern U.S., studying the rock carvings and cliffside cave villages of the Anasazi. He will be joined by Jack Shannon, and he also hopes to reconnect with his old Sorbonne classmate Mara Rodgers. Just before Indy’s arrival, Mara is abducted by Walcott, the person who led their Sorbonne field trip four years earlier. Walcott did not perish in the underground river, and is in now the employ of an Italian art collector named Calderone, who covets a cursed “alicorn” (unicorn’s horn) that has been fashioned into a silver-tipped staff and passed through many hands before ending up in the possession of Mara’s family.[9]

June 21, 1928 —  In a dramatic showdown with the kidnappers, the unicorn horn is recovered, and Walcott is killed by Mara in the confrontation. Mara, not trusting anyone, holds everyone at gunpoint as she makes off with the horn, intending on selling it to Calderone (who she knew from Rome) herself.[9]

June 26, 1928 — Mara arrives in Rome, followed shortly by Marcus and Indy, who has decided to attend the symposium after all.[9]

Late June, 1928 — The symposium is also attended by Calderone, who has grown fearful of the staff’s power, He agrees to give the staff to Indy in exchange for killing Mara. Indy pretends to go along with the plan, but in attempting to escape with her, she is shot and killed by Calderone, who in turn is killed by soldiers attempting to arrest him.[9]

Early September, 1928 — Indy re-buries the alicorn staff in sacred Navajo territory.[9]

Late May 1929 — Indy is on a large international expedition to Easter Island, attempting to decipher the “Rongo-rongo” glyphs of the ancient islanders. Before he digs in on that project, Indy agrees to help Brody find an old friend, the artist Hans Beitelheimer, who has been living on the Chilean coast and recently sent Brody a disturbing telegram. When they arrive at Chiloe, they find Hans has been gone for several years. A local believes that Hans boarded the Caleuche, a “ghost ship” that has been frequently seen in the area. Indy suspects that the ghost ship is really a pirate ship, taking advantage of the local superstition, and that Hans is involved with them, voluntarily or involuntarily. Indy and Brody are guided to the ship’s crew’s hideout, and Indy is taken captive aboard the Caleuche.[5]

51uxdmMv8xLJune – August, 1929 — Once on board, Indy finds himself enveloped in an unexplained fog, and arriving in the realm of the Pincoyan people, denizens of a subterranean world that veils itself in a way similar to Ceiba. Indy assists a healer and sorceress named Salandra in undoing the plot of a warrior named Maleiwa, who is using the alicorn staff Indy had buried a year ago to seize power (its burial site is one of the portals between Pincoya and the exterior world.) Maleiwa wants access to the scientists of the exterior world to create an never-ending supply of nalca, the elixir that allows the Pincoyans to move between worlds, in exchange for the alicorn. Maleiwa has decided to make a pact with Adolf Hitler (not yet in power — but gaining followers). Beitelheimer had been the go-between, but decided he wanted nothing more to do with it — and had been killed on the orders of Maleiwa as a result. In attempting to find a way back to the exterior world, Indy and Salandra become hopelessly lost in the hazy labyrinth between realms.[5]

September 3, 1929 — Indy and Salandra finally emerge in Colombia, hundreds of miles from where the Caleuche left the Chilean coast, and having lost three months of time.[5]

Early September, 1929 — Indy accompanies Salandra to the gatekeepers of the closest portal to Pincoya, high in the Colombian Andes. When they reach the gatekeepers, an isolated Indian tribe, the gate is breached by Maleiwa and his warriors, searching for Indy (the only person who can derail his plans due to his connection to the alicorn). While they are looking for him, Indy slips through the portal back to the interior world.[5]

September 18, 1929 — In a final confrontation with Maleiwa, both he and Indy get hurled back to the surface world — to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Indy wrests the alicorn from Maleiwa, who falls to his death. Indy tosses the alicorn after him.[5]

Late September, 1929 — Indy and Marcus write off most of the experiences of the summer of 1929 as a lengthy drug-induced hypnosis, speculating that after he sailed off on the Caleuche, Indy had spent months among a South American hollow-earth cult in the Venezuelan region of Gran Sabana, a place that resembles Indy’s memory of Pincoya. The scenario is the most logical explanation…but Indy has his doubts.[5]

The school year at the college where Indy had been working begins while Indy is still missing in South America, and they are forced to replace him.

October-December 1929 — Indy takes a job as a field supervisor on an expedition to Iceland, led by a Dr. Jastro. (Indy is unimpressed with Jastro, later referring to him as “sloppy” and “a braggart.”) The Jastro Expedition, funded Barnett College of New York, uncovers several artifacts that later prove to be of Atlantean origin, and introduces Indy to fellow archaeologist and student of psychic phenomena Sophia Hapgood. Despite working closely together under difficult circumstances, Indy’s relationship with Sophia remains professional.[10]

January 1930 — Indy is hired to teach at Princeton University.[3] He likely only accepts the position because his father is long-gone by then.

At some point in the recent past, Henry Jones, Sr. has gone into at least semi-retirement as he approaches sixty. He is notoriously tight-fisted, and is probably still sitting on a substantial portion of the inheritance from an uncle who struck it rich during the California gold rush.[11] His address is 25 Pine Street, Ferndale, New York,[12] but he is frequently abroad, collecting and compiling Holy Grail lore.[13]

Spring 1930 — Aware of his wartime espionage experience, Indy is contacted by British Military Intelligence (MI2) at some point around this time, and begins receiving intelligence briefings and specialized training.

Summer 1930 — Indy takes a sabbatical from Princeton and has temporarily returned toIndianaJonesAndTheSkyPirates the University of London for the upcoming semester, after which he intends to look for a position that allows more field work. Along with several other MI2 teams, Indy is put in charge of investigating a mysterious massive, 1500-foot airship that can fly at an impossibly high altitude, and several satellite “saucer” craft. Indy’s team (“Project Jones”) includes Gale Parker, who Indy has known for several years, and is aided by Jack Shannon’s underworld connections. A top-secret briefing states that these flying machines are stealing jewels and antiquities around the world, and they are likely the work of a secret multi-national industrial organization (“Group of Six”) intent on preventing another global war by bringing all levels of power — industrial, political, financial, military — under their control. It is gradually revealed that the entirety of “Project Jones” has been an elaborate ruse to draw out the Group of Six. The elaborate airship remains untraceable because it is serviced by specialized support ship far out at sea, and it and its saucer escorts are powered by prototype jet engines. Indy’s team manages to trace the airship to a place it can land without attracting attention — a mesa in New Mexico called Acoma. In a dangerous high-altitude maneuver, the airship is destroyed by Project Jones’ customized Ford TriMotor plane, along with the saucer craft and all the leaders of the Group of Six.[3]

51AUpFV378LFall 1930 — By special arrangement, Indy is under the employ of both Princeton University and the University of London. Princeton grants him a kind of “visiting professor” status where he sets his own schedule, and the University of London plans on using him as a specialist in “field research in hostile lands,” a genuine concern in a world with growing political instability.[2]

Indy manages to wrangle time off from both to take private flying lessons from Gale Parker in the south of England. On their first day aloft, they notice a series of violent explosions ripping through the New Forest near the Wiccan commune of St. Brendan Glen, where inhabitants live according to the “old ways” and where Gale was raised as a Wiccan by her mother. They race to the location, and help deal with the bloody aftermath of some kind of attack. They figure out the person behind the attack is Konstantin Cordas, leader of the Group of Six, evidently alive and working to rebuild his organization. Cordas succeeded in stealing a map from St. Brendan Glen that will lead to a cache of gold from the American Civil War. Indy and Gale travel to the U.S. via zeppelin. If they can find where the map leads, they will find the gold and Cordas. Working from a partial copy of the map, British intelligence analysts wire the probable location of the gold cache to Indy aboard the zeppelin. They arrive in the U.S. and head for the place the map indicates — the Civil War battlefield of Olustee, near Jacksonville, Florida. They canvass the old battlefield looking for the gold cache, known Cordas and his men are also in the area. In heavy fog, and with the help of the well-timed arrival of some Civil War reenactors, Cordas’s gang are all injured or killed in a re-creation of a cavalry charge. The gold is discovered, the bouillon having been recast and painted to look like abandoned cannon barrels. Cordas is taken alive to stand trial.

Despite several attempts over the years, Indy never learns how to land a plane.[2]

Indy permanently ends his relationship with the University of London, and temporarily ends his association with intelligence agencies.

December 1930 — Indy is in Sweden, searching for the Temple of Old Uppsala. He is in aIJA1final race against time with a rival archaeologist, Forrestal, and an archaeology team from the British Museum. Indy reaches a cave entrance and finds one of his competitors, British archaeologist Theresa Lawrence, trapped in a pit leading down to the temple. Indy finds a map scroll to the Chamber of Baldur, and the pair follow it. Inside the chamber, Lawrence discovers a ring on the statue of Baldur, grabs it and flees, sealing Indy inside the chamber. Indy eventually discovers a way out and returns to the inn where he is awaited by Marcus Brody. They travel to London, where Indy is caught by Lawrence attempting to reacquire the ring from her office in the British Museum. Meanwhile, Brody realizes that the scroll Indy found in the temple is far more valuable than they had thought. No sooner has he made this realization than the scroll is stolen from Brody by Rene Belloq and his thugs. Indy decides to team up with Lawrence, and travels to Morocco and tails Belloq to a clandestine meeting. Belloq meets with Nazi agent Krause and some of his troops. Krause is interested in the ancient knowledge in the scroll, including a section on making “Odin’s Men” – unstoppable berserkers in battle. Before the final purchase of the scroll, Indy slips in, steals the scroll from Belloq’s hands, and escapes into the streets, passing the scroll off to Lawrence. Lawrence ends up giving the scroll back to some Swedish scholars, and Indy ends up with the Ring of Baldur for Brody’s museum after all.[14]

1931 — Marcus Brody leaves the National Museum for a position as “Director of Special Acquisitions” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He will continue to use Indy as a “one-man procural service.”[15]

IndianaJonesAdventuresVolume2May 1931 — The “Wohat Statues,” priceless ancient animal carvings, are being stolen from the various museums in which they reside, most recently from New York and Barcelona. At the request of Marcus Brody, Indy agrees to conduct an informal investigation. He suspects the statue thefts are connected to the “Invincible Ruby of Ali Bey.” In Barcelona, Indy encounters the thieves, who are working for Rene Belloq. Indy trails one of the thieves to a meeting with Belloq, and discovers that there is a map hidden on one of the carvings. He steals the carvings from Belloq’s Barcelona hideout, and follows their directions to Kenya in east Africa. The carvings are a key to Ali Bey’s palace, and just as he gains entry, Indy is confronted with Belloq’s partner, Ali Bey-Faisal, who plans on using the supernatural power of the ruby hidden in the palace of his ancestor to restore the Ottoman Empire. Ultimately, both Bey-Faisal and the palace succumb to the dangerous power of the ruby.[16] Indy moves on to Madagascar.

June 1931 — In a pair of unrecorded adventures, Indy does some damage to his professional reputation. He returns the Jewel of Heaven sapphire to its rightful owners in Madagascar. This leads to a colossal misunderstanding. Evidently, the Madagascar government believes Indy is the thief who stole it in the first place, resulting in his forceful ejection from the country, and the threat of castration should he ever return.[17] Not long after, Indy flees Iraq under similar circumstances, with the caliph of Baghdad threatening to boil his head in oil.[15]

July – September 1931 — After the Madagascar and Iraq fiascos, Indy spends much of this summer in the Far East. He is rescued from cannibals in Polynesia by paleontologist Walter Granger, and stays in Shanghai for awhile.[18] While passing through the Afghan province of Kafiristan, Indy foils a museum robbery by a couple of small-time crooks.[19]

Spring  1932 — Marcus Brody joins Indy in a North African adventure which includes a narrow escape from gunmen in Algiers.[10] It is probably at this time that Marcus Brody meets Sallah in Cairo.[20]

Summer 1932 — Indy supervises a major excavation in Costa Rica.[15] He is also briefly jailed on the island of Cozumel off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula.[21] During his stay in the Yucatan, he gets involved with a local contessa, who believes him to be wealthy. She ends up disappointed.[22]

Indy’s exploits begin gaining notoriety around this time, making headlines and tarnishing his reputation with “serious” archaeologists. The words “graverobber” and “treasure hunter” become attached to his name.

Although the Depression does impact his expedition funding, Indy knows the easiest way to travel is to hire your own plane with a trustworthy pilot. He has been plucked from many dangerous situations over the past two or three years by bush pilot Jock Stewart, and cargo specialists the Ward Brothers of New Orleans. He also befriends Amelia Earhart[18], although it is unknown if he ever hired her for piloting duties.

Winter 1932 – 1933 — Indy begins intense research on the lost city of Cozan, located in what in 1933 was British Honduras, and reportedly the location of a crystal skull.[15] Indy remarks years later that he and Harold Oxley were “obsessed” with Mitchell-Hedges skull discovered in 1924.[23]

March 6, 1933 — With Marcus Brody agreeing to take over Indy’s Princeton classes for the duration of his absence (this seems to be a frequent scenario), Indy enters the Honduran jungle in search of Cozan.[15]

March 21, 1933 — Indy finds Cozan, and its resident crystal skull. However, it is taken from him by a group of uniformed gunmen, led by someone who identifies himself as Leonardo Sarducci.[15]

April 17, 1933 — Indy resumes his classes at Princeton.[15]

Late April, 1933 — Indy declines the FBI and Army Intelligence’s request to recover the fccd968967318a06383db73d93536742--the-philosophers-indiana-jones“untranslatable” Voynich Manuscript, which has recently been stolen, and is reputed to hold the secret of the “Philosopher’s Stone” — which can turn lead into gold and grant extreme longevity. When he’s fired by Princeton for violating international antiquities laws in Honduras[24], he decides to take the federal agents up on their offer. On the airship to Europe, he learns the Sarducci is a “brilliant but insane” Renaissance scholar currently working for Mussolini’s secret police. In London, Indy attempts to track down Alistair Dunstin, reputed to be a practicing alchemist, but discovers that Dunstin has already disappeared. Dunstin’s sister, Alecia says the manuscript could provide directions to the lost Tomb of Hermes — the hiding place of the philosopher’s stone. And she knows how to translate it. After an attempt on their lives, the make their way to Rome (where they fail to recover the crystal skull from Sarducci’s museum), and then on to Italian-occupied Libya. They find the Italian camp where Dunstin is being held, and Indy attempts to free him, only to discover he is voluntarily working for the fascists. Indy and Alecia are captured, and Indy is about to be executed by firing squad. He is rescued at the last minute by a group of bedouins attacking the camp, led by Sallah. They follow the clues in the manuscript to the Tomb of Hermes, where they are ambushed by Sarducci. The tomb is opened, and the Stone is retrieved. In opening the tomb, Sarducci and his henchman expose themselves to the powerful radiation that secures the Stone’s resting place, and they melt away Dunstin sacrifices himself to return the Stone, and the Tomb of Hermes is dynamited to permanently seal it.[15]

Early May, 1933 — After he tells the FBI and Army Intelligence that the whole thing has been a hoax, Indy is reinstated by Princeton. In the meantime, the crystal skull has been stolen from the Italian museum.[15]

Summer 1933 — Indy and Alecia Dunstin make repeated attempts to trace the location of the stolen crystal skull. Though he doesn’t believe in curses, as his and Alecia’s feelings deepen for one another, Indy becomes concerned about the curse he knows is attached to this skull — whoever removes the skull from its resting place would be fated to “kill who he loves” until the skull is replaced. Over the course of their adventures that summer, Alecia had several close brushes with death due to her association with Indy.[18]

Early October, 1933 — While searching for the skull in the French black market, Indy has a violent run-in with Rene Belloq, who has recently sold the skull to the newly powerful Nazis. The burden of hunting for the skull and fearing for her life becomes too great for Alecia, and the two part ways. Indy returns to Princeton, and dejectedly begins his fall semester.[18]

October 31, 1933 — Indy is approached in his Princeton office by a nun, Sister Joan, whose father, paleontologist Angus Starbuck, has disappeared in Outer Mongolia. Before his disappearance, he sent her a mysterious animal horn. Assuming it to belong to a rhino, Indy offers to escort Joan to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan to have the horn examined.[18]

November 1, 1933 — It turns out the horn is from a triceratops dinosaur — potentially a living one. A major expedition to Mongolia is immediately planned, but the horn is stolen out from under them by what appears to be a pair of Asian monks.[18]

429180._UY475_SS475_November 1933 — The expedition goes forward despite the stolen horn. In Shanghai, Indy, Joan, and their guide, Walter Granger, plan their route into Mongolia. Indy meets one of Granger’s associates, Wu Han, a scholar and “jack-of-all-trades” who has arranged their travel papers. Indy wants the very capable Wu Han to join the expedition, but first must extract him from his servitude to Chinese gangster Lao Che. As they push deeper into China, Wu Han ends up staying behind to oversee the repair of one of the expedition’s cargo trucks.

The expedition arrives in a Mongolian village, whose leader warns Indy to beware of General Tzi, a cannibal warlord who serves the “The False Lama of the Black Gobi,” and has managed to gather followers and terrorize the region with his pack of wild dogs. When they arrive in the Russian-controlled city or Urga, Outer Mongolia, they are jailed and interrogated, until a Mongol official agrees to intervene on their behalf for a fee and agreement to leave cameras and radio equipment behind. An attack by General Tzi’s men is thwarted by a separate group of Mongolian guerrillas, led by Tzen Khan, a descendant of Genghis Khan. Tzen agrees to resupply the much-reduced expedition in exchange for some of their medical supplies.

A week later they arrive at the Flaming Cliffs monastery, where they finally encounter Angus Starbuck, who has “lost” himself on purpose to live among the local monks. (Two of these monks were sent to recover the horn in New York.) Starbuck has in his possession three live dinosaur eggs, close to hatching. Joan reveals herself to be a journalist and not a nun, much to Indy’s rage. General Tzi launches an attack on the monastery, so Starbuck leads them on a secret trail to a hidden valley inhabited by a Stone Age people called the canobi. The triceratops, allergorhai-horhai is their sacred animal, and the last one died a few months ago (the source of the horn.) Two of the eggs were lost or damaged in the flight from the monastery. To protect the valley and its people, Indy and Granger set off to lead Tzi in the wrong direction. After Tzi is dispatched (killed by his own dogs), Indy and Granger make it back to the valley just as the egg hatches. Starbuck and Joan opt to stay behind to study and document the triceratops and the valley people, while Indy and Granger attempt to return to the outside world. They almost die of thirst before they are rescued by Wu Han in the third truck. Indy has final encounter with Tzen Khan, who gives him a knife that once belonged to Genghis Khan. What became of the Starbucks, the canobi, and the triceratops remains a mystery.[18]

December 31, 1933 — Indy makes a failed attempt to recover the crystal skull off the coast of Denmark, where the Nazi sub that had been transporting it back to Germany foundered and sank. The skull, in a waterproof container with a radio transmitter, drifted out to sea through a breach in the hull.[18]

Early February 1934 — The night before Indy is to leave on a dig in New Mexico in search of a cache of Spanish gold, Indy is visited by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin, an elderly former Arctic explorer, now badly injured and near death. He begs Indy to safeguard a small chest which he says contains evidence of habitable regions deep within the earth’s interior. Nazi agents have assaulted him to gain access to his knowledge of the element known as vril, which originates from these interior regions. Vril can bend matter and heal wounds. After Baldwin’s death, Indy accompanies the body as it’s returned to Kansas for burial, and plans on continuing to New Mexico. He opens the chest, and finds a small quartz-like gemstone (the “Thule Stone”) and Baldwin’s journal. Indy reads through Baldwin’s journal which describes him being shipwrecked on one of his polar expeditions, and ending up in a region that he describes as being “Ultima Thule” — a legendary land in the world’s interior, the entrance to which is near the North Pole. The journal ends up being stolen by Nazi agents, so Indy tries to forget the whole thing and concentrate on his dig in New Mexico. He finds the treasure  deep in a cave system, but taking a few bars of gold triggers a booby trap. He escapes with the help of Ulla Tornaes, a Danish spelunker. Indy admits to her his treasure hunt in New Mexico is specifically to fund his search for the crystal skull and break the curse.[21]

February 13, 1934 — Indy and Ulla get to New Orleans (via the Ward Bros. air cargo service), where they meet Rene Belloq, who gives Indy the most recent coordinates of the drifting crystal skull in exchange for cash.[21]

Mid-February, 1934 — Army Intelligence contacts Indy in New Orleans to gain his 51hSe3hCbiL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_assistance in leading an aerial expedition to the Arctic to tail the Nazis, who are using a zeppelin to search for both the lost crystal skull and vril. They are assisted by the stolen journal — and Alecia Dunstin. The army supplies Indy with an aircraft and crew, and they fly north. They discover the zeppelin in the act of fishing the crystal skull container out of the Barents Sea. Indy and company acquire the container through some aerial maneuvering, but are forced down onto an ice floe. When the floe breaks apart, the team is separated. Indy, Ulla, and the radio tech, “Sparks,” end up as the passengers on the fuel-less, drifting boat of a lost Danish bear hunter.

The boat is sucked inland by a backward-flowing river, finally coming to rest in a still lake very deep in the interior of a volcano cone. They discover the wreckage of the plane that carried famous explorer Roald Amundsen, who had gone missing in 1928, and also discover the Nazis from the zeppelin are already there. Alecia states that her assistance to the Nazis was rendered due to her prophetic dreams — she foresaw a quick Nazi victory in the upcoming global war would save millions of lives — but ends up defecting back to Indy’s side. She is shot and killed by the Nazis on the spot for doing so. Indy and company flee back to the boat, and continue a downward trajectory, deep into the earth’s interior. The Nazis catch up with them, but the air pressure that deep under the surface causes their guns to explode when they try to fire them, cutting their numbers. Ulla is wounded by the resulting ricocheting bullets. Indy finally manages to open the door to Ultima Thule, using the Thule Stone. They are greeted by Roald Amundsen, who heals Ulla with vril, and offers them a choice: They can either stay forever, or return with no memory of what they’ve seen. They awaken on Spitsbergen Island, near their plane and the rest of their crew. They have the crystal skull, but no recollection of Ultima Thule.[21]

Spring 1934 — Based on inscriptions on the knife given to him by Tzen Khan the previous year, Indy travels to Mount Hua in China to hopefully find the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin. He discovers the tomb, which is booby-trapped, and Indy is forced to escape before he can really examine anything. He is captured by Japanese troops occupying the region and held for five days before being interrogated by a Japanese spy/pilot named Sokai, who wants to know how to safely access Qin’s tomb. Sokai is assisted by Lt. Musashi, a female pilot. Indy escapes the interrogation, suffers a gunshot wound, and flees into the surrounding city.

He finds cover in a large crowd watching a magic show. The magician, a blonde women, addresses the crowd in English as she passes a donation basket. She explains she is Faye Maskelyne, and she is traveling the area looking for her husband, another magician named Kaspar Maskelyne. Kaspar had gone missing while searching for the legendary “Omega Book,” which describes the fate of every person. The book is rumored to be hidden near the Sphinx of Egypt, and the precise location can only be discovered with the aid of a Biblical relic known as the “Staff of Aaron.” Using their skill as illusionists and escape artists, Faye and Mystery manage to escape the area with the wounded Indy, and board an outbound freighter. Indy’s wound is treated by a sympathetic New Zealand ship’s doctor named Bryce.

51QKSJGpdmL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_The identity of the ship’s passengers is discovered after they’re out to sea, and they come under attack by Japanese fighter planes. One of the planes scores a hit on the freighter, but the plane is forced down by the resulting explosion. The crew abandons ship on a large lifeboat, and rescue Lt. Musashi, who had been flying the crashed plane. The lifeboat is itself rescued, and Indy, Faye, Mystery, Bryce, and Musashi find themselves on a junk heading for Shanghai. Unfortunately, the junk is blown far off course by a massive typhoon that also claims the life of Bryce.

The rest of them are eventually picked up by flying boat and taken to Calcutta. They drop off Musashi, still vowing revenge, at the Japanese embassy, and discover that Kaspar had stayed at the same hotel they were checking into, shortly after his disappearance. They seek more information from a fellow magician, an Indian named Jadoo, who tells him that Kaspar was looking for the Staff of Aaron, and believed it could be found among a remote and ancient tribe called the Yezidi, who are shunned because their primary deity is Satan. Later, Jadoo receives a visit from Sokai.

Indy and his companions reach the land of Yezidi in northern Iraq after weeks of hard traveling, and meet Yezidi leader Ali Azhadf. He shows Indy the Staff of Aaron, but says he doesn’t know how it came to be in the possession of his people, and that Kaspar has not come looking for it. The tribe believe Faye possesses true magical powers, and grant her custody of the staff. Two weeks later they are in Cairo consulting with Sallah. Using the staff, Faye guides them to dig in a spot between the Sphinx’s front paws, where they uncover a hidden chamber. Indy and Sallah enter, followed after a time by Mystery. Sokai has trailed them there, and confronts them just as they discover the Omega Book. He demands Indy translate his fate — and it’s to die on the spot. Sokai bursts into flames. Faye uses the staff to deal with Musashi and Jadoo outside the Sphinx, and Indy reveals the Omega Book said that Kaspar was killed by Jadoo. The staff is buried next to the Nile, and the Omega Book is resealed in its chamber.[24]

Summer 1934 — Indy returns to Honduras and replaces the crystal skull in Cozan. He resigns from Princeton University to take a position at Barnett College.[24]

1. Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants

2. Indiana Jones and the White Witch

3. Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates

4. Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils. “Jack Fawcett” is a fictionalized version of Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who went missing in the Amazon sometime in 1925-26.

5. Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth

6. Ravenwood’s advice to Indy is taken from a cancelled Dark Horse comic series called Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon. Even though the series did not run, I use it here to explain Indy’s skeptical attitude toward the supernatural despite everything he’s seen.

Indy and Marion’s initial relationship was referred to several times in Raiders of the Lost Ark and it does not paint Indy in a very good light. The details have never been made clear in any source, but it is obvious that Marion thought of herself as “a child” at the time (countered by Indy’s response, “You knew what you were doing.”) The Raiders novelization puts her age at fifteen. In the 2008 Ultimate Guide, Lucasfilm officially records her birth date as March 23, 1909, making her seventeen. That is what this chronology will accept as accurate. (The Crystal Skull novelization attempts to whitewash the situation somewhat by saying she was one of Indy’s graduate students, but that does not fit at all.)

7. Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge

8. Likely intended to be “Marshall College” — see this chronology’s Appendix in Part 6 for further information.

9. Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy

10. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

11. Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge

12. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

13. Indicated by his replica Grail diary included with the Last Crusade computer game, though the specific dates and places are very misaligned with later canon.

14. Indiana Jones Adventures

15. Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s Stone

16. Indiana Jones Adventures, Vol. 2 — Curse of the Invincible Ruby

17. Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide. This incident is referred to in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

18. Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs

19. Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil

20. Sallah recognizes Brody on sight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

21. Indiana Jones and the Interior World

22. Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Mount Sinai

23. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

24. This is another black mark on Indy’s professional record mentioned in Temple of Doom.

25. Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx

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