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Family Jewels

Greetings. I hope my summer hiatus from writing hasn’t killed off what little readership I have. I know I said that in a previous post that my work ethic was virtually non-existent during the summer months, but that’s not 100% factual. I have been working, sometimes feverishly. Just not on this blog. On what? You are justified in asking.

President Eisenhower

On my family history. The Big Summer Project has been scanning, digitizing, and organizing the thousands of family pictures that have come into my possession over the years. Doing this has also revived my periodic interest in genealogy.

Say what you will about obsessing over the Magic: The Gathering or the minutiae of Harry Potter, but exploring genealogy truly outranks them in sheer nerdiness. It’s the hobby of Mormons and retired people (nothing against those folks, it’s just that they’re not your go-to for cutting-edge activities). But I suppose I’m one of them. The only lower rung on the hobby ladder is metal-detecting. Maybe next summer.

As someone with the last name of Isenhower, I have been subjected repeatedly to the well-meaning but irritating question “Any relation to the President?” These instances are diminishing greatly since those with any knowledge that there had once been a President Eisenhower are rapidly dying off. “No, it’s spelled differently,” I would always say.

Out in the retail world, I had a little routine. If there was an older person manning the counter, I would observe them always checking the “E’s” first when I would go to pick up a prescription or my developed film. (The fact that I once picked up developed film is itself evidence that I, too, am heading into the “older person” zone.) I would let them look, and allow them to give me a puzzled, apologetic shrug, before I told them, with exaggerated patience as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “Check the I’s.”

Yes, I was kind of an ass. Continue reading


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