The Holy Bee of Ephesus has a new home!

Welcome to the new home for my wickedly self-indulgent blog Holy Bee of Ephesus, which has been a Blogspot fixture for the past three years. You’ll get features such as The Holy Bee Recommends, Books of the Holy Bee, the epic ongoing examination of music of the 1990′s This Used To Be My Playground (which runs concurrently on The Institute of Idle Time website), and other random crap. It will all appear here — both new entries and the old stuff. The transfer of the archives was not flawless, so I still have some work to do down in the Vault, correcting images and captions, fixing links, etc. If you want to finally admit to yourself that there’s nothing going on in your life, then there’s a subscription button on the lower left, alerting you via e-mail each time the site is updated. Don’t wait for the Facebook posts (you could miss one, and that’s enough to ruin anyone’s week), get each update while it’s hot and fragrant. C’mon, folks, lower the bar. You can only watch that cat that flushes the toilet on YouTube so many times before you wonder if there’s something even more pointless on the internet. Join the Holy Bee army.

I may keep the Blogspot site open as a “second home,” for those who fear change, but it won’t be forever. The other Holy Bee “second home” was on LiveJournal. I was lured into using LiveJournal by meeting someone who keeps a very literate, well-informed blog on current events there. As it turns out, the person I met was the only living human being who keeps a literate, well-informed blog on LiveJounral. LiveJournal is actually 90% fat, acne-riddled goth girls writing about goth shit, and 10% undecipherable typing by recent Ukrainian immigrants who contribute by tapping lightly on their keyboards with their penises after a long night of huffing nail varnish. Stellar company for some, but not a class act like the Holy Bee of Ephesus. So goodbye, LiveJournal (and Blogspot, eventually), hello WordPress!

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