The Recipe For A Perfect New Year’s Eve

The Holy Bee has never been a fan of New Year’s Eve parties. You usually end up at one where you don’t really know anyone (it’s your wife’s or girlfriend’s friends more often than not, and they’re sort of assholes), and everyone is being extra loud, and the music is almost always shitty.

Unencumbered by any of that, I will be consuming a Papa John’s Take-n-Bake, catching up on some sorely neglected movie-watching, and drinking three of those Blue Moons, plus an old-fashioned or two, and going to bed at 11:30, so I don’t have to watch the shriveled-up, stroked-out corpse of Dick Clark slur the countdown through his yellow teeth as Ryan Seacrest manipulates his emaciated limbs Muppet-style to create an illusion of life-like movement. Then I’ll be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on January 1st, ready for some bowl games and the remainder of the Blue Moons.

I’ve met my goal of 26 posts in 2010 for this blog, and expect more vital info, larfs, fiercely-held and poorly-defended opinions, and shameful self-revelations in 2011. This Used To Be My Playground rolls on (and on and on), the Top 20 Albums of 2010 will be revealed in January, Books of the Holy Bee for 2010 is coming soon, there are some new multi-part series in the works, and if you’re interested in the music/pop culture collective I’ve misspent hundreds of man hours on since 2002, the Institute of Idle Time has a new website. Check it out at:

Leave a comment, shake a (virutal) hand, even contribute if you like. My big contribution thus far has been re-running This Used To Be My Playground — now with minor (and I do mean minor) revisions and repaired You Tube links!

Happy New Year to all.


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3 responses to “The Recipe For A Perfect New Year’s Eve

  1. Say what you will about my friends, although it's a bit of the pot calling the kettle, but you must be referring to Steph's music.

  2. What makes you think I'm talking specifically about either one of you? One of the joys of writing is dealing in wild generalities as well specifics, or making stuff up entirely to amuse/entertain. Get over yourself.

  3. Oh woops, wasn't aware I'm not the only wife you've had. There are people who know I check out your blog once in a while and that's the only reason I felt compelled to post anything.

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