Hey gang,

If you want to read someone doing pretty much the same thing as I am with This Used To Be My Playground, only with far more wit, brevity (obviously), insight and all-around coolness, head over to one of the Holy Bee’s favorite websites The AV Club and check out Steven Hyden’s Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation?

Yes, I was doing something similar first, but…Hydrox cookies came first, and who eats that crap? No, we all eat Oreos.

Just to be clear:
Holy Bee = Hydrox
AV Club = Oreos

Bastard even mentions Urge Overkill in his very first installment. Good God, man, you build to Urge Overkill!

I guess I’m doing it wrong.


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One response to “Trumped!

  1. I sorta ripped you off as well doing my Memory Lane Tunes over on Facebook. But hey, let's not say Ripped Off, lets say "inspired". Sounds better. =)-erik (3dchain)

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