Sad day

A lot of us lost a good friend today when Jeff McKinney passed away. He was one of my best friends for awhile in the mid-90s, a sometime roommate (when it suited him), and a memorable road trip companion. He had a machine-gun mouth and an enormous heart, and was a hilarious co-conspirator in all manner of mischief.

The Holy Bee trying to keep a good man down, 1994

Jeff was the first person to sign my senior yearbook
When I put together the blog entries dealing with my first girlfriend, Brenda, in a failed attempt at brevity, I did not mention my bitter rival for her affection: Nathan Schumer, another member of the class of ’93 who left too soon. At each others’ throats for all of freshman year, we developed a grudging affection for each other over the years, and ended high school as pretty good friends. Just after McKinney wrote his “sentimental bullshit,” Nathan added his two cents:
Two all-around good guys who deserved a longer run, one gone in 2006 and the other just today. Both made their marks on my life…and on the inside cover of my yearbook, moments apart, on an overcast June day in 1993. Rest in peace.


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2 responses to “Sad day

  1. A great tribute to two really great guys – both undoubtedly gone too soon.

  2. Holy Crap. I had no clue either of them died. I didn't really know Nathan much (although, coincidentally, that my baby's name). I knew his sister though. Jeff and I hung out a lot in HS though. Wow. I'm in total shock right now. -K-

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