Doobie’s Wheelhouse

In a convivial, end-of-season atmosphere at Bella Bru Monday night, Team Idle Time was able to bring home the Finlandia Cup to its trophy shelf for the third time. (The Cup, like the shelf, is entirely notional.) We finished third place in Monday night’s game due to some skull-busting questions like “Who did Mike Tyson defeat to win the championship in 1986?” and “What are the full names of Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s girlfriends?” (We actually got one of those thanks to Gilly.) Despite our third-place finish last night, we had enough season points overall to snag the cup. Sherice unscrambled BURNABLE I NOTE to BEIRUT, LEBANON, and WH gave us one of his patented doobies.

What’s a doobie, you ask? It’s when one team member is certain of the correct answer, the other team members do not agree and put down the consensus view, but the lone wolf’s answer turns out correct. There are two strict rules for an answer to be an official doobie: 1) The one team member must not fight for his/her answer, but shrug it off and get more satisfaction out of being a martyr to his/her cause than getting it right. 2) It must be “called” in advance, before the quizmaster reveals the actual answer at the end of the game (e.g., “OK, fucksticks. Put whatever you want. That one’s my doobie. I’m calling it.”) The name derives from a Rock and Roll Recall question in our second or third game that WH correctly identified as the Doobie Brothers, which the rest of us put down as Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Last night’s doobie came with the question “What is the largest city, by population, in the Caribbean?” and WH offered the obvious choice, Havana, Cuba. Jeannie and I, however, were inexplicably in love with the idea of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Any image I get of Puerto Rico is one of swarming masses of people, and any image I get of Havana is bars with wicker chairs, a lot of cement walls painted in pastel colors, and rusted Hungarian-made cars from the 1950s. So much for mental images.

Anyway, it is the three-peat. The trifecta. The hat trick. The scoring starts anew on December 2. I don’t know if any team has taken home four consecutive Finlandia Cups, but we are going to do our damndest.

Coming soon…”My Holiday Traditions, Part 2″ and a re-cap of Sunday night’s “White Album Show” at Harlow’s in Sacramento…

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